agency brokerage desk

one call. one trade. one price.™

WEX's agency brokerage desk provides a turnkey solution for our clients. Make one call to WEX and you can effectively place one trade for your clients and we will post-trade allocate to all of your custodians at one price. Our value-added execution services, focused on execution quality, allow banks, broker-dealers, endowments, hedge funds, insurance companies, investment companies, pensions, registered investment advisors, TAMPs, trusts, and wire houses to trade options, equities, and ETFs with anonymity and comprehensive order management.

sourcing liquidity

With direct linkage to options and equities exchanges through proprietary software; relationships with exchange and OTC market makers; and cost effective access to alternative sources of liquidity, we are able to source liquidity during most market conditions.


Managed and staffed by a team of former traders and market makers, we have the right resources and tools available to evaluate the markets of our liquidity providers. With a broad knowledge base, deep understanding of the liquidity spectrum, and wealth of expertise in pricing and trading, we are able to quickly and thoroughly evaluate multiple venues to attain a better execution for our clients.

agency only

As an agency-only firm, WEX diligently puts our clients' interests first. Our traders will handle your order professionally and exhaust all means to ensure your expectations are satisfied.

etf expertise

Our execution team has a thorough understanding of ETF compositions and characteristics. Sophisticated technology provides us with a unique ability to provide pre-trade analytics and calculate the real-time Net Asset Value (NAV) for many of the products that comprise the growing ETF market.