the electronic trading platform

Through our proprietary platform, clients can trade options, futures and equities easily, in real-time, anonymously and efficiently. Broker neutral, exchange neutral and algorithm neutral, WEX software has award winning functionality developed and tested by seasoned traders.

multi-asset class

WEX clients benefit from innovative trading applets and direct market access for stocks, options, and futures on major markets worldwide which can lead to optimal execution prices. WEX delivers a highly refined trading platform allowing multiple asset classes to be worked in parallel on disparate execution venues. WEX facilitates a broad range of trading strategies which appeal to both technical and fundamental trading styles.

access to markets

WEX provides access to every major U.S. equity and options exchange. We provide direct electronic access to all U.S. options exchanges and more than thirty equity exchanges and market centers. WEX is also constantly expanding access to international option, equity, and futures trading venues.

proprietary system built by wolverine

WEX has leveraged Wolverine Trading's intellectual capital to build a system powerful, fast and reliable enough to meet the requirements of experienced traders. Continuously evolving, WEX delivers technologically sophisticated, easy-to-use, and customizable software for competitive traders.


WEX enables you to trade through our proprietary trading platform as well as through our floor brokerage and institutional brokerage desk. Trader-centric, WEX offers customer-centric functionality and flexibility.