order management

WEX's trade management applets provide permissioned users with tools to view, manage, and modify orders and positions across all permissioned accounts. Simplifying your workflow, WTP's order management tools eliminate the need to manage multiple systems or re-key trade data. Improve your trading operational efficiency and better manage risk and compliance with added reliability and ease.

staged order ticket

  • queue orders representing an intention to trade shares, contracts, or spreads by the end of the trading day
  • stage orders from the WEX platform onto another user's platform

crossing order ticket

  • send spreads or outright facilitation, solicitation, and customer match crossing orders
  • display an order's marketability once all order variables are in place


  • redistribute positions across various accounts
  • modify average price (within certain limitations) and set commission rates for redistributed positions

position grid

  • view every position (permissions based)
  • display orders from a portfolio, account, or firm

report trade ticket

  • enter orders when stepping out from the WEX platform
  • entered orders will be sent to clearing
  • can account for commissions

adjust position ticket

  • used when beginning-of-day position is not reflective of actual position
  • modify current position without sending entries to clearing