Trade any pair of stocks, options and/or futures interchangeably with the ability to apply cash adjustments for arbitrage situations. Note that the arbitrage does not have to be just for mergers, it can also be cross currency. From more simple needs like building customized spreads to the more complex needs like synthetically making markets on spreads in any two instruments, WEX provides you with the right tools.

spread basket trader

  • send multiple spread orders in a single basket
  • load multiple asset classes into the same basket

spread builder

  • build customized spreads, filter spreads by selected criteria, and place orders directly with exchange spread books
  • consolidate multiple exchange complex order books into one view
  • aggregate and configure real time market data for customizable analysis and reflect real-time spread pricing
  • categorize and group spreads by type (i.e., butterflies, verticals, calendars, etc.)

spread agent

  • synthetically make markets on spreads in any two instruments, across any asset class on one ticket
  • safeguard against exceeding user-defined position limits by continually working both the initial spread and reverse spread simultaneously
  • detailed spread information provides extensive information on spread entrance and egress points, as well as relevant position management fields
  • proactively attempt to rectify leg slippage with slip adjustment features
  • easily clean up open positions or unwind executed spreads

spread viewer

  • define and track multiple spreads
  • display each spread in toggled, collapsible, rows where either the spread summary or the names and legs are viewable
  • send each spread to other wtp applets such as spread builder where a spread can be executed

spread book

  • display resting spread orders from various exchanges
  • view information such as spread type, order exchange, price, quantity, delta, and more
  • multiple spread types available such as: box, butterfly, buy-write, calendar, condor, diagonal, iron butterfly, iron condor, married put, risk reversal, straddle, strangle, swap, synthetic put, and vertical