WEX's programming API provides software developers a framework to develop feature rich applications that can leverage our mature and robust proprietary trading platform. Utilizing Microsoft's .Net framework and COM interface, the WEX API is compatible with a number of languages including C#, VisualBasic, VBA, and C++. From order placement and position management to crafting complex trading strategies, the WEX API provides the tools you need to get the job done.

WEX accepts incoming orders using the industry standard FIX (V 4.2) protocol. Connectivity can be established via multiple channels, including direct circuit, cross-connect, VPN, TNS, SFTI, NYFIX, Radianz, or internet. Users can fully interact with any order either via FIX or within the Wolverine Trading Platform, ensuring full control. FIX drop copies of executions are already available to numerous venues, and new or existing drops can be added per client request. A comprehensive FIX specification is available upon request.


The WEX trading platform utilizes co-location services to ensure that your data and operations remain protected and operable all the time. Blended with cutting-edge, multi-access connectivity and the latest in operations security, the WEX platform offers unsurpassed levels of redundancy and availability, providing you a secure, consistent connection.

The WEX trading platform operates through a high-speed, private fiber ring directly to Chicago, allowing traders to access several methods of market data retrieval.

Drop Copies

Real-time trade information is essential for total risk awareness and an accurate picture of your execution history. WEX can work with you and any third-party vendor to coordinate trade activity reports that will allow you to benefit from our comprehensive order management and execution environment while simultaneously utilizing any existing risk management, OMS, or clearing firm partnerships. WEX has an extensive set of drop copy connections in place and can move quickly to establish new links to ensure all relevant parties have full situational knowledge.

Allocation Tools

WEX's allocation tools dynamically allocate executions at the end of each day, including CMTA and DVP, facilitating execution reporting to third parties.