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Developed by and for traders, WEX enables you to trade options, futures and equities through our proprietary software platform, direct floor access, or our institutional trading desk.
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Introducing WEX Best-X Options
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Electronic Trading

Through our proprietary platform, clients can trade options, futures and equities easily, in real time, anonymously and efficiently. Broker neutral, exchange neutral and algorithm neutral, WEX software has exceptional functionality developed and tested by seasoned traders, now available for all traders.

Direct Floor Access

Our established brokerage unit offers unparalleled direct access to the trading floors. Experienced brokers can accurately represent outright options, straddles, or more complex options packages during any market condition, and can give immediate execution prices throughout the execution process.

Agency Desk

An experienced team of traders with a strong presence in the U.S. markets, WEX provides clients with anonymity, superior execution and order management in all asset classes. WEX's institutional trading desk works with clients from research to trade ideas. An established leader in execution, we are able to source liquidity during the most turbulent market conditions.